REA: Registered Engineering Associate

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Code of Ethics for Registered Engineering Associates

As part of the registration, the Engineering Associates Registration Board expects all REAs to commit to the responsibilities and obligations listed in the Code of Ethics, as follows:

In undertaking their engineering activities, Registered Engineering Associates shall;

  1. Promote and maintain efficiency, good management, proper conduct, high ideals of courtesy and personal integrity, with understanding and cooperation between themselves and others.
  2. Uphold the dignity, standing and reputation of REAs and other engineering professionals, and promote their interests, integrity, status, and welfare.
  3. Not be involved in illegal, dishonorable, improper and objectionable practices.
  4. Commit to the ongoing development of all members of the engineering profession, and to continuous improvement in knowledge and competence.
  5. Apply their skills and knowledge ethically and in a spirit of fidelity and fairness to their clients or employers for whom they act, and work within their areas of competence.
  6. Uphold the public interest, especially in matters of health and safety and the protection of life and the well-being of the community.
  7. Recognise the need for sustainable management of resources and to minimize adverse effects on the environment.

The Engineering Associates Act contains provisions for addressing complaints about REAs.