REA: Registered Engineering Associate

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Registered Engineering Associate Competency Assessment Programme


Competency in an engineering discipline must be established to the satisfaction of The Engineering Associates Registration Board, before a candidate is registered under The Engineering Associates Act.

The recognition of current competency has become an essential element of contemporary occupational registration systems. Regular re-assessment of an individual’s competency is necessary to assure the public that a particular REA has remained up-to-date and technically competent.

The Board has a voluntary scheme to provide that ongoing assurance of competency for REAs. There is not yet a legal basis for this in the Engineering Associates Act; hence the voluntary element to this scheme.

The REAcap Scheme

REAcap (pronounced recap, ie REA competency assessed practitioner).

This scheme is offered to all current Registered Engineering Associates on a voluntary basis.

The REAcap assessment follows similar principles to those required under the Engineering Associates Act for initial REA registration. A person’s knowledge (academic qualifications), engineering experience and responsibility are all considered in the re-assessment. The scheme requires the equivalent of REA validation every four years, and confirms that an REA is operating to the Code of Ethics.

REAcap Benefits

For engineering clients and the public, the REAcap assessment provides assurance that the REA is maintaining current competency in a nominated engineering discipline, and is committed to a formal Code of Ethics. REAcap validation requires independent evidence of technical and supervisory competence.

For REAs, the REAcap validation provides colleagues, peers, employers and clients with evidence of your technical and supervisory competence. The Board also believes it will assist in obtaining other statutory engineering registrations or licenses for a licensed occupational activity.

Evidence of current REAcap validation is provided by a certificate for display. The current REAcap status of any REA can be verified by anyone from the List of REAs.

REAcap Validation Requirements

REAs must submit the REAcap application form and declaration, together with a current CV, a list of recent training or development activities, and the names of at least two referees who can support the recent occupational activities described in the CV. The Board carries out audits to ensure accuracy of declarations.

The REAcap process acknowledges the many and varied positions filled by REAs encountered in organizations ranging from small businesses to large local authorities and consultancies. These positions include management, marketing, human resources as well as engineering tasks across a multitude of disciplines.

To retain the REAcap status, the REA registration must remain current and all annual fees paid.

Further Enquiries

For further details and application information please contact the Registrar.