REA: Registered Engineering Associate

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The Value of the REA Credential

The REA credential provides considerable value to the public, employer, the economy and the recipients.

Public Value | Employer Value | The Economy | The Recipient

Public Value by:

  • providing a means of registration and control of Engineering Technicians and Technologists based on assessment by industry peers,
  • offering for use a Quality Mark and Standard established and overseen by Statute,
  • encouraging on-going education and  competency development.

Employer Value by:

  • providing a time proven benchmark to assist the establishment of levels of delegation across management, quality, and cost control,
  • enabling a closer assurance match between proven experience, competency and judgement, with that required,
  • reduced level of risk through greater security of control and accountability,
  • fostering ethical awareness and its direct application within industry,
  • demonstrating recognition of a strong evolutionary and cohesive industry hierarchy,
  • conveying a message of competence and control in the establishment of public reassurance,
  • encouraging strength of structure within industry,
  • promoting on-going knowledge and competency development that inspires innovation,
  • strengthening career pathways that support career development,
  • training and succession planning.

The Economy by:

  • encouraging greater levels of education,
  • training and career advancement,
  • providing a registration system that by its very nature inspires increased productivity,
  • encouraging industry strength through structured accreditation schemes,
  • provision of benchmarking across industry that facilitates industry portability, cross pollination, and skills transfer,
  • enabling recognition of prior learning for suitably experienced immigrants entering the NZ work-force.

The Recipient by:

  • encouraging career development,
  • provision of an accreditation recognised internationally within the industry,
  • providing a means of distinguishing difference when seeking career advancement,
  • establishment of recognised benchmarking within industry that enables transfer across the industry,
  • encouragement of on-going knowledge and skills development (REAcap).

Technician Technologist Career Path

A depiction of a typical engineering technician and technologist career path is illustrated in the accompanying graphic:

Technician Technologist Career Path.pdf